The First Communication Demo

by The Weather Underground

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    A DIY recording from the Shadow Collective. Cassette coming soon.




released March 1, 2011




The Weather Underground Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Smashing My Fist Against My Face
Everything I hear about myself comes from someone else
-in malice - in spite -
second-hand/behind my back
Track Name: Not Just Girl's Fun
Two-thirds of the global work is done by womyn
working jobs they hate for a mere ten percent
of the wages assigned to men, by men.
We can't afford to be patient.
There are more horrors of oppression then the price of rent.
If we want to destroy capitalism, we must consider the interests of womyn.
Track Name: Oaxaca
Law enforcement in the streets with no one else around.
Black and white smoke fills the air as we burn this city down.
"City Upon A Hill" must be drowned.

Material conditions forcing revolution
-200 years in the making.
Love and insurrection, no more self-rejection
You've got this thing coming.

Without mass mobilization, there is no revolution.
Without armed struggle, there is no victory.
Track Name: Bash Back
Say what you want, I don't give a shit.
Until your words become bigoted.

You can't divorce from the social context with words so glaringly bereft of compassion, intelligence, or tolerance for other people's lives.

Hold your tongue or think before you speak you fucking prick.
Track Name: No Such Thing As Human Nature
Your misanthropy is a bourgeois sentiment which informs of middle class privilege and a white, Protestant, upbringing.
Track Name: Too Big To Fail
There's so much more to life than money.
There's something wrong with this fucking country.
Track Name: Poverty
Poverty is not the fucking problem...
Wealth is, motherfucker.
Track Name: Dirt In The Giant's Eye
Frantic like Icarus, Desperate like Sisyphus
We'll shoot the Seraphim from the sky and be dirt in the giants' eye.
The war machine does terrify but we'll hear the third world battle cries: world revolution is in sight.

The weight of the world can't stop us now--there is too much to be won.